New School Year- welcome back everyone!

August 28, 2022

Good luck to all our new and returning students as they head into Pres this coming week. Tomorrow is the turn of our 1st and 6th years. Our 1st years were in on Friday for induction, but tomorrow they will meet their teachers and have their first classes in Pres. We wish them many happy years in the college. For our 6th years, it’s the start of a big final year with us and a year that we hope will be very successful for them. Wishing also our 5th, TY, 3rd and 2nd year students a happy school year and one that we hope will see a full return to pre Covid norms.
The Summer was great, but hopefully there will be many good days during this 2022/23 academic year. As always, College Staff are on hand to help students settle back in to a new routine.
Good Luck everyone!