Transition Year

What is Transition Year?

Here in Presentation College, our TY programme provides students with an educational environment where they are encouraged and supported to express their talents and abilities within both curricular and extracurricular settings.

The programme is designed to enable students to transition more seamlessly from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle. Students are afforded the opportunity to sample a wide range of subjects which benefit them later when deciding upon their Leaving Cert subjects.


Work Experience

Students will complete four separate one week blocks of Work Experience throughout the year. (Please see calendar of upcoming year dates attached). Students are expected to secure their own placements and we highly recommend that they choose such placements in work/career areas that interest them. We also encourage students to vary the nature of the work experience placements that they pursue, so as to provide them with a fuller flavour of what may appeal to them later in their chosen careers.

A Presentation College, Work Experience Pack will be shared with the students prior to the commencement of their first block release by the Transition Year Coordinator. Information on Work Experience preparation, thank you letter, school insurance and Garda vetting forms (if required), will be contained within this pack.

In certain circumstances, students may apply for additional work experience/change of dates, but permission must be sought from school management in such cases. A request may be made to the TY Coordinator but the matter will be discussed by management in advance of a decision being made, otherwise the four one weekly blocks of release are as per the attached calendar.


Subjects/Modules Undertaken in Transition Year

Please note that this is not an exhaustive range of subjects/activities and is subject to change depending on availability of external agencies, school timetabling demands and other considerations as they may arise. Also some of the subjects below are offed on a modular basis, meaning that they don’t run for the entirety of the school year. Some modules are offered on a rotation basis.

A weekly calendar of on and off site activities is posted on our school app in advance to allow for parents to be kept informed of what is current in Transition Year.

Subjects/Modules are subject to availability in a given year

Maths English Gaeilge History Geography
French German Italian Spanish Computer
PE (incl. swimming) Envionrmental
Art Philosophy
Sociology Biology Chemistry Physics AG. Science
European Studies Law Horticulture BT Young
Politics & Society
& Sexual Education

Other Extracurricular module activities may include:

Toastmasters Youth Development Programme, Self Defence, Careers/Work Experience, Film Studies, Strength and Conditioning, Jujitsu.


TY Musical

The TY musical is a major highlight of our programme offering in any given year. It is undertaken in collaboration with another local school and a different theme is chosen for each year. It has consistently proven to be a very popular event where months of auditions, practice and rehearsals come to fruition in late November in the local Mermaid Theatre. Many a budding actor/singer has been identified over the years at our musical!!


TY Assessment and reports

Transition Year students are assessed throughout the year through various project work, portfolio work, Christmas tests and Summer tests. A form of ongoing continuous assessment may prevail in certain subject areas. Discretion is afforded to each subject department as to how they monitor subject progress.

We feel that our blended method of assessment rewards students who engage most with the year and allows for greater student accountability as a result. It also enables students to transition more readily to Senior Cycle the following year.